Why a Separation Agreement?

When a couple separates the majority do not want to live together but they do not want to start a divorce straight away either. Some may not want one at all. Instead, these couples seek a remedy that best suits them - a Separation Agreement.

No one can predict the future, which makes many people question if a divorce is the right thing. Nobody wants to hastily end their marriage without looking at other options. A Separation Agreement is an ideal solution for couples at the interim period between a breakup and a formal divorce.

A divorce is often an extreme measure, and a topic they may not be ready to broach directly after the turmoil of a separation. Rushing into a divorce can often add to tension, cause bitterness and be distressing for children. If you are not ready to discuss the topic of a divorce, a separation (whether trial or permanent), formalised with an agreement can be an ideal stepping stone.

A separation can also keep financial and custodial arrangements above board should a divorce be inconvenient for you at the present time. A Separation Agreement gives you and your spouse the time needed to think about the important decisions that need to be made and does not bring about an abrupt end to your marriage.

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