About Separation Agreements

Demand for Separation Agreements in Britain today is rising and for good reason. Separation Agreements mean no court interference, no legal jargon and no fuss, which means you have more time to reflect on decisions that are important to you.

In choosing to form a Separation Agreement, a married couple has no obligation to inform any legal professionals of their decision. They can avoid the formalities of a court room and welcome the privacy of discretion. The agreements are an effective way of regulating your split and making all the important decisions yourself without your judgement being clouded by legal jargon.

Separation is a confusing time and we aim to make the process as simple as possible.

Our Separation Agreement covers the division of debt, division of property, possessions and policies, provision of childcare and maintenance, child visitation, who will live in the marital home, who is responsible for payment of bills, mortgage upkeep, plus much more...

Our Personalised Package offers you an easy-to-understand online questionnaire that enables us to complete your legal contract plus give you access to all the essential documentation, advice and examples.

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